The Other One !

Story of a young energetic guy who had some complications with his life !

Rancho small town guy, aged 26, a mature guy, very energetic & athletic having macho look, amazing physic, 6’1” height, good at his academics, very smart & attractive that any girl can fall in love with him at first sight. Always wearing cute smile on his face, happy go lucky nature. Alone child of his parents, having good sense of humor, love playing with kids as well as helping neighbor aunties whenever they had any get together in their society  & helping old aged people as well. 

Recently started working so was getting less time to spend with people around his society, after started working his family members, friends as well as people around him stared noticing that his behavior was changing, he was avoiding everyone as much possible as he can, avoiding communication, avoiding visiting friends, stopped playing with kids, sometimes his friends tried to ask him reason behind his behavior but he was ignoring that topic, was always in his own thoughts, lost his charm, his happiness. People around him were thinking maybe he is involved in relationship with any girl, and didn’t want to share about it with anyone about it so they started ignoring his behavior, he started spending more time outside of home, avoiding his friends too.

He had started visiting a cyber café regularly, that was located miles away from his place in other village, so nobody can recognize him, was spending almost whole day in that café on day whenever he get working off from office. Rocky the owner of that café was comfortable having him in his café as he was regular customer & spending long time in his café, so they started casual communication but not more than hi-hello, or anything else than their deals.

One day Rocky asked Rancho that he has to close his café early as he wanted to travel other town for some work, and will miss his last train to that destination. Rancho was fine with it and left early that day again same thing happened after few days, again Rancho has to leave early. Next time when Rocky asked him to leave early at that moment they started their communication, Rancho asked Rocky where he wanted to travel he will drop him as that day was kind of important for Rancho, Rocky told about destination Rancho was like no worries I live in that same town so will drop you, if its fine with travelling with me, Rocky had no problem traveling with Rancho se he agreed. That communication started their friendship they were communicating regularly now, during that communication Rocky came to know about Rancho that he was working, family and many other things.

One fine day Rancho visited again to that café was normal gesture when he arrived, Rocky just asked him to finish & let him know when to leave, so he can prepare closing work of his café. All of the sudden Rancho got up & said Rocky let’s leave my work is finished, Rocky was shocked by his behavior by didn’t show anything on his face, he completed his work and closed his café. During that ride, Rancho was very quiet, so Rocky thought to ask what happen to him so he started normal communication, but didn’t get proper response from Rancho, so he asked whether he has any problem to share with, so any solution can be found on that situation, after these words Rancho started crying, stopped his bike on side of lonely road, almost crashed down was very upset & crying from bottom of his heart. Rocky was clueless as he didn’t know why Rancho was crying, after making Rancho comfortable he asked politely to share what he is into. After settling down Rancho asked Rocky that what do you think about me? Who I am? A man right? Yes, Rocky said, and asked why what happened why are you asking such stupid question? Is there something wrong? Rocky was confused & shocked with such question he took some time to think and asked again to explain what his problem is. Ranchos started with you all people are thinking that I am man but it’s not true I’m neither a man nor woman I am the other one. Rocky was stunned by this reply & asked again what did you say, say it again, Rancho said you heard it correct, I am the other one, only I was knowing this till this moment, now you know about it, Rocky was still not believing what he heard moments ago, but he gathered some courage and started some communication that whether he discussed with any doctors or anyone else? Rancho said I never had such courage to expose or discuss this with anyone, in fact tonight I was about to finish my life, just because of you I am still alive, Rocky said don’t think like this ever again, we will find some way out from this, I know few doctors will ask them without revealing your identity give me few days, till then behave like nothing happened as till today you was behaving. Rancho asked Rocky to ride bike as he was not in phase of mind to ride. Rocky was fine with it Rocky dropped Rancho at his place and asked someone to drop him to his place.

Next day after reaching café, Rocky started researching whatever he can abut Ranchos condition, he gathered some info he was waiting for Rancho to arrive at café again as that was safe place to discuss on that topic, few days later Rancho visited café, Rocky told him that he has researched about that topic and asked help from his doctor customer for further help. Rancho started feeling relaxed now as he shared what was hurting much from past few months may be from years. Being curious about Ranchos situation Rocky started asking few question like when did he realized about this? What kind of feeling he gets whenever he looks or at any girl or if any girl gets closer? Whatever came in his mind he asked Rancho, at one question Rancho was normal but Rocky got surprised after getting response that he asked about some personal but quiet awkward question related to his private part, that was normal as other guys, so he started to discuss further related to that like what are his feelings for everyone during that communication Rocky got sure that he was not the other one he was just a gay, but didn’t tell Rancho. They kept communicating for few more days in between Rocky had discussion with doctor and made sure that whatever he was thinking was correct. One fine day Rocky called doctor and asked Rancho to have communication and assured that his identity will be hidden and he has not said anything to doctor about his personal life not even Rancho’s real name. After having communication with doctor Rancho was satisfied and very much relaxed as he was thinking something else about himself and was about to put his life to an end without getting proper opinion from doctors or didn’t had consultation with anyone.

After few days when Rancho accepted his condition he started searching for male partners to fulfil his desires but he was not getting any partner, so he thought to ask Rocky about this whether Rocky is ready to have any relationship with him, but he didn’t had courage to ask Rocky about it. After several week he gathered some courage and thought to ask Rocky, and he asked about having relationship, Rocky just smiled and replied him that he dose hot have any such intentions, if you need to share anything else feel free to discuss, as he is not at-all interested in such relations.

Rancho never asked Rocky again for such relationship and thanked Rocky for whatever he had done for, just because of Rocky he was alive, he said Rocky that he realizes that whenever we face any difficulties we must share our thoughts, feelings with someone so we can find some solution. Now both are good friends and living happily in their life.

This is a story of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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