The Lost Girl!

The story of the lost girl who got much confused during her relationship phase was thinking about whether to get married or not!

Champa, is a beautiful young lady, a good student, lovely daughter, happiest member of her family, and has a kind natural girl, always ready to help everyone, and have a center of attraction for her family members and relatives.

She started getting marriage proposals from her few family friends, neighbors, and parents also. Her family getting nervous and possessive about her marriage as she turned 23rd birthday last month. They asked her what kind of partner she wants or expects, but she was refusing to discuss that topic.

After a lot of thinking & discussion with her parents, she decides to get married to that gentleman, which her parents will choose for her. And One Day Champak came into her life; he is the son of her one family friend. And one fine day they got engaged. Their Marriage will be going to happen after 2 years. Champak wanted to complete his Master’s Degree. They were communicating occasionally and have casual communication.

After few months of engagement, Champa was very happy & excited to spend most of the time with her mother in learning household works, and also learn new things, and also she spends her few hours in worship at some Holy Place is nearby her home. After some time she meets with some people in that Holy Place where she came in contact with one boy his name is Pandu.

Pandu is an average guy and he believes in Spirituality, Also he is a kind and Touchy Guy, but somewhere he is also a reserved & hardly communicating boy, but if he gets comfortable with any person then he was gem kind of person to have in a friends circle. So after that Champa and Pandu get a little closer and started communication. As they both have a common interest in worship & they have most of the communication related to Spirituality topic, also have a childish kind of communication regularly, as such an innocent kind of relation which can be described as the most ideal couple they become.

Further in communication they got very close to each other & got physical too. They were too much attached to each other as they don’t have another world in their life. Another side of Champak was a bit busy with his exams during that time, so Champak and Champa don’t have any communication. When Champak completed his exams then he called a Champa and had some casual communication, she was normal but confused while talking with him. After that day she realized that this all thing have to tell Pandu. One fine day When Champa was feeling confident about herself and made her decision that Pandu is the right guy for her life, so she told him about her relationship status. After listening to her Pandu didn’t able to say a single word to Champa, and then that was the last day that they meet for last time.

Now Champak has finished his studies & returned back to his home, start searching for a job. In this time period, he started communication with Champa. Where she is still living in the memories of Pandu. She still doesn’t have any clue about Pandu, Where he is? What he is doing? Or anything else. She is not able to know anything about him. And It has been almost a year that they got separated, and she is still waiting for Pandu, she is feeling too much guilt about whatever happened with Pandu, she still not able to accept fact that Pandu is not going to get back in her life again, also she is not comfortable to communicate with Champak. And she almost avoided talking and meeting with him, because she thinks He occasionally becomes Romantic and doing few things which she was not comfortable with and also not a Caring person.

Champa was getting mentally disturbed, that she was not been able to take care of herself, skipping her meals, almost making silly mistakes in every work, and her mother noticed her behavior and asked her about that, but Champa was ignoring or refusing to reply on this topic. Because if she shares anything about Pandu with her family members then might they get hurt by her behavior & mistakes that she had in her relationship with Pandu. This overthinking & disturbance was feeling so much depressed and even she thought to finish her life several times. As she didn’t want to break promises she made to her parents about marriage & don’t want to hurt them with her mistakes. By this time Champa decided that she never visited the place where she used to worship & met Pandu, after thinking too much she was unable to find answers to her questions which were in her mind during this time. So she started visiting worship place again thinking that’s the only way to find peace of mind.

She was disturbed but had hope & faith in the lord which she was worshiping after several days and where she meets a mature man who had seen her at the same place several times before. That Man came to her before she stopped visiting, & started casual communication and he notices that she was disturbed. So He started casual communication for a week as he was unaware of her actual situation. Now she was comfortable sharing her stories and the things that happened with her, and that man thinks that his trick worked and she started telling about her story, now man calmly listening what she was saying after she finished telling her story he asked her what she actually wants at that moment? Whether Pandu back in life or happy married life with Champak? She was confused, just replied can’t deny marriage proposal & at the same time cannot forget Pandu as well. He smiled & looked into her eyes & said wait for few days you’ll get your answer and he left.

From that day Champa has started feeling relaxed and feel like a happy kid again, they both were meeting and chatting at worshiping place, after about a month man asked Champa, did you get your answer? She looked at him & said yes I got my answer, accepting the fact that Pandu is not coming back in life, so will spend the rest of my life with his happy memories, also will tell my parents that I don’t want to get married to Champak as we don’t have any kind of bonding instead I am ready spending my whole life with you as you are very much caring & understanding.

The man just laughed louder and said there you are, you came to know what you want in your life but you are expecting from the wrong person, I was here just to help you just think like answer to your prayers or just a messenger of God, my part in your life was only this much, whatever your feeling for me that is nothing much than attraction or influence, here you most of the young aged guys and girls get confused you just get attracted by influence, way of thinking or talking, and dressing sense.

So now go start communication with Champak, spend some quality time with him, get to know him perfectly. I’m sure you will start loving him, give some time to build your relationship, that is what better for everyone.

As suggested by that man, Champa started talking with Champak, and now they are happy in their life and live like a happy couple just like a Made for Each Other Couple, and also now they have lovely kids too.

This is a story of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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